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NinjaTrader 7 and IB Gateway

Enable support using the option "IBGW4NinjaTrader7" or using the tool "IBGW4NT7".

Since TWSStart there exists a new option "IBGW4NinjaTrader7" to enable NinjaTrader to connect to the IB Gateway. The following description shows how to use this option.

1. Setting up NinjaTrader 7

Start NinjaTrader 7
Start NinjaTrader 7 and select "Other" for "Connection" and press the "Connect" button.

Create a new connection
The Connection Wizard appears to create a new connection. Press the "Next" button to continue.

Account connection information
Enter a connection name, for example "IB Gateway" and select "Connect on startup".

IB account information
Leave the fields "User name" and "Password" empty.
The "Port" number must be the same one you use in the IB Gateway "API Settings".
Select a "Client ID", for example 123.

IB Gateway API Settings
Be sure that you have entered in the previuos dialog the same "Port" number
as defined in the IB Gateway API Settings dialog under "Socket port".

Finish the new connection
Verify the settings of the new connection again and press "Finish" to close the Wizard.

2. Setting up TWSStart 2.6

TWSStart selecting IB Gateway to start
Verify that an "IB Gateway" installation is selected in TWSStart.
The "Path to JAR or EXE file" is automatically set with the correct data.

Enable IBGW4NinjaTrader7 option
Enable the new option "IBGW4NinjaTrader7" using the TWSStart.INI Inspector or
edit directly the file TWSStart.INI by setting this option to "True".
Make sure to restart TWSStart after changing the option.

Setup External Application
In the "External Programs" list, fill out the field "Application Name" with a name of your choice.
In the next field, enter the complete path and filename, where you installed NinjaTrader or use the button next to the field.
Use "CONTROL CENTER" as "WindowTitle" and check the option "Check filename".
Press the button "Add", to add a new entry to the list of "External Programs".
You can now test the settings by double-clicking on the new entry. It should start the application.
External programs are started by TWSStart after successfull login.

NinjaTrader7 64-Bit
You can start the 32-Bit or 64-Bit version of NinjaTrader 7.
For both versions an entry in the list is possible, but only one entry should be checked.
Only checked entries are started.

Dont AutoClose with TWSStart
If you plan to close TWSStart after Login, make sure that the option "Auto-Close/Do not close automatically" is selected.

ESP File for NinjaTrader 7
You can downdload an EPS file (External Program Settings file) for NinjaTrader 7 from here.
The file contains the default settings for NinjaTrader 7 and IBGW4NT7.
If you didn't use the default path during installation of NinjaTrader 7 and TWSStart,
you must enter the correct filenames.
The file must be placed into the TWSStart folder.

AutoRun Options
To start the IB Gateway and perform a Login automatically after starting TWSStart,
enable the option "Automatically load TWS".

3. Starting the IB Gateway and NinjaTrader using TWSStart 2.6

Starting the external program
Press the "Run" button in TWSStart's title or use the "Run" button on the "Load TWS" page to  start the IB Gateway.
Or just close TWSStart and restart it, if you have enabled the option "Automatically load TWS".
After a while, the IB Gateway is loaded, NinjaTrader is started and connected to the IB Gateway.

In case that NinjaTrader 7 could not connect to the IB Gateway, first check that the following status message in the TWSStart EventLog:
"IB Gateway ready for connection from NinjaTrader 7"
If this is not the case or there is an error message, you must use the external program "IBGW4NT7" to preprare the IB Gateway.
If everything is Ok, check the port numbers in NinjaTrader 7 and IB Gateway, as well as you Client ID.

API Connection Alert
When NinjaTrader 7 tries to connect to the IB Gateway, an alert may popup.
You can configure the IB Gateway API Settings to avoid this message.

IB Gateway with Client connected
The IB Gateway reports the client with ID 123 (NinjaTrader 7) connected.
This is the number entered in the "Connection Options" for "Interactive Brokers" in NinjaTrader 7.

NT7 connected to IB Gateway
NinjaTrader 7 connected to Interactive Brokers (IB Gateway)


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