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If you are having trouble using TWSStart, please try the following in this order:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of TWSStart. You can check this by visiting the download area.
  • Try looking in the FAQ.
  • If your question is not covered above, please submit a support request or send me a bug report.

  • Submit a support request

    Do you have questions about TWSStart? Then contact me using the following form and I will be happy to make TWSStart a better product.

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    Send a bug report

    To send me a bug report, please use the TWSStart´s internal Send Log function.

    The Send Log function opens your default mail client and sends me the TWSStart event log file (Events_MON.txt etc.), TWSStart settings file (TWSSTART.INI) and the TWSStart external programs settings file (TWSSTART.EPS).


    Send Log function
    Send Log

    Send Log function
    Event Log

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